Weird Things is a stop-motion 2D hybrid about a robot named Goldbot and his best friend named Silverbot living in the world of Deronville where they live in a house with the landlord, Derrick, and his some of his other friends including Pigut, a semidead pig with his pet rock named Nezzie, Otterson who is an otter who is an elite swimmer and fan of water, and Barry and Bran who are both young and mischievous bears that live in a tube and are very athletic. Gold and Silver also work at a pizzeria, Gold works as the advertiser meanwhile Silver is the waiter and works with a smart and talented monkey named Nemel and a fat bird named Chris. They also have enemies of Enemy Co. that try to take over the town that is ran by Zorgon and his assistant named Dr. Denador. Every episode has a wacky concept that keeps getting weirder.

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